Established in 1979 

New England Marine Engineering & Supply has been servicing South Eastern Ma for over 34 years. With a fleet of service vehicles we are able to provide a quick and efficient service while still being able to provide 24 hr. emergency service. Whether it’s a refrigeration technician, ice machine repair technician, electrician, plumber, controls expert or one of the many other services New England Marine Engineering & Supply offers were here to service all of your needs.

Owner Paul M Nosworthy has been in business for over 34 years. Mr. Nosworthy is a licensed technician who has been in the trade for over 42 years. He started working in the Marine Electrical field in 1971 repairing ice machines on fishing vessels in the New England area. A few years later he went on to work for Con Ed. Realizing that he wanted to travel the world he began sailing tall ships as a engineer. Mr. Nosworthy ended up in the British Virgin Islands as a port engineer for the ferry’s between U.S. Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands.

In 1979 Mr. Nosworthy traveled back to New England and ended settling in New Bedford Ma. He worked on Ferry’s and yachts around the area. Realizing there was a large market in the commercial and industrial refrigeration trade he opened his business which is known today as New England Marine Engineering & Supply. He saw that the area was lacking a good service company to work on this type of equipment he quickly became the areas go to company for this type of work. The constant repairs needed on the fishing vessels, processing plants, ice plants and fish houses Mr. Nosworthy realized that the New Bedford area needed a supply store to supply local companies with the parts and supplies needed to keep the industry moving. He then added a supply store to his already expanding business.

Today New England Marine engineering is “The Tug Boat Of the Industry”. When companies need support they call us.

Paul Nosworthy of New England Marine Engineering and Supply works on repairs to the pressure dome


“We are the leaders in the Service and Supply Industry”


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